Plans are in place to build a $21.5-million project that would include three buildings, which will be accessible for all, where the current facility sits.

Indefinite Arts is set to reopen next week, officials said in an announcement Thursday.

The centre, which provides studio space and support for more than 300 artists living with physical and developmental disabilities and operates out of the former Fairview Community Hall, will begin a three-phase reopening Sept. 8.

"Thanks to support from the City of Calgary and the Calgary Foundation, extensive work has been done to create additional studio space, install plexiglass dividers, provide additional PPE for staff and volunteers, and hire additional staff to provide extra support," read a release.

Along with the reopening plan, support will continue to be delivered through online, mail-in, and by phone.

“For so many of our artists, isolation and mental health challenges are issues they deal with even during the best of times,” said CEO Jung-Suk Ryu.

“COVID-19 has compounded these challenges, and Indefinite Arts Centre – through its online and other supports – has proven to be a critical lifeline and a source of hope and positivity during this shutdown.

“This being said, now that we have the right equipment and precautions in place, we feel it is an absolute necessity reopen and create a safe space for our artists – so that they can leave their homes, interact with their peers, and continue their artistic practice."

During the pandemic, officials said more than 95 per cent of the artist community remained engaged through digital, mail-in, and phone supports.