Calgary Stampeders pack up after disappointing end to 2021 CFL season

Rene Paredes was having one of his finest seasons in the Canadian Football League.

He's a Western Division all-star and the West Division finalist for the CFL's Most Outstanding Special Teams Player.

There were times this year when Paredes carried the Stamps on his back, and he's one of the big reasons why they made it into the playoffs.

However, the usually reliable kicker wasn't at the top of his game in Sunday's Western Semi-Final against the Saskatchewan Roughriders.

Paredes missed three field goals including a crucial one in overtime as the Stamps lost 33-30.

Paredes says that loss really stings.

"Worst time to have the career worst game, pretty much," the 36-year-old said on Monday.

"It sucks. But I thought my technique was all over the place every kick. Even the ones that I made, that was just something that was going on the whole game."


The Stampeders say there's no way you can pin the loss on Paredes, and his teammates were rallying behind him after the game and on Monday.

Head Coach Dave Dickenson says it was just one of those games for Paredes.

"It wasn't his best – he knows it – I'd still take him any time of the day. I still think he's the best kicker. So if I'm having a game winner, I'm putting Rene in there," Dickenson said.

"I feel for him because he had a great year but life isn't fair, football and sports isn't fair, so I told him to just wash it."


It was a tough year for Stampeders quarterback Bo Levi Mitchell. 

His shoulder was never 100 percent. 

Mitchell says there's no doubt where he wants to be in 2022 – and that's on the field with the Stampeders.

"You know, I want to be here. My wife knows that. Dave (Dickenson) knows that. You know, if they want me, I want to be here."

Dickenson says he absolutely wants to have Mitchell back into the fold. 

"I love coaching the guy, I love having him around. I like our banter. I like his competitiveness, and I still thing he's one of the best."


Mitchell doesn't have any plans to have his shoulder operated on again this off-season.

"You know, we think it's more on a muscular deficiency, that I just have to build up," the 31-year-old said Monday.

"Something that's kind of inhibiting me, it's a pain inhibition thing. So the pain has kind of shut some things down and I just have to go out there and build it back up."