Calgary tumbles down list of cities with the best work-life balance

Calgary has taken a dive in terms of juggling jobs and private life, according to new data released on Friday.

The information, compiled by office security firm Kisi, was made up 100 cities across the world, with the majority being in the U.S.

Four Canadian centres were on the list – Toronto, Vancouver, Ottawa and Calgary. All four Canadian cities were also ranked on Kisi's lists in both 2021 and 2019.

While the nation's capital placed the highest at seventh, Calgary placed the lowest among them on this year's table – in 30th.

A year ago, when many COVID-19 restrictions and work-from-home rules were still in effect, Kisi analyzed the same data and Calgary came out much higher on the list – at 13th.

The company says the list is different than a liveability index or list of best cities to work in.

"The study seeks to show which cities provide the healthiest work-life balance for their citizens."

Kisi looked at a variety of elements for its list, such as remote working, work intensity as well as unemployment figures and the number of people who work multiple jobs.

It also looked at how cities are caring for citizens.

"We examined the role of society and institutions in caring for city residents during this difficult period. To do this, we examined the impact of the pandemic and the support offered in each city, as well as the quality of healthcare, access to mental healthcare and the extent of gender and LGBT+ equality."

According to a recent Leger poll, which asked more than 3,000 Canadians across the country about their opinions about the changing workplace, there is clear link "between quality of life and health in the workplace."

"In the current workforce, we are seeing a major trend, in that those who are dissatisfied with their quality of life are generally more likely to look for a new work opportunity in the next two years," the pollster wrote.

Fifty-one per cent of respondents, aged 35 to 54, said they are dissatisfied with their quality of life.

Kisi says the aim of its study is to help decision makers – both companies and governments – to understand the issues and guide them to take positive steps.

"As the pandemic winds down, its economic impact, combined with that of the war in Ukraine, is being felt around the world in the form of high inflation which is already affecting day-to-day life."

You can review the full report online.