WINNIPEG -- Reducing speed limits is one possible way to help eliminate traffic fatalities, according to a safety initiative.

Tuesday evening, a panel of city officials and experts pitched their ideas during ‘Vision Zero,’ a ModeShift event at The Forks aiming to come up with ways to eliminate traffic fatalities and injuries.

“Thirty-kilometre driving speeds, that’s a norm across the world,“ said Anders Swanson, Winnipeg Trails Association and ModeShift organizer.

“We got to get there, here in Winnipeg.”

Other suggestions were public education on safety and redesigning roads. Keynote speaker Ian Thomas, a walkable communities expert from the United States, believes re-engineering roads will force vehicles to slow down and reduce accidents.

“Reduce the width of lanes, reduce sightlines and setbacks,” Thomas said.

“There are parameters that can be adjusted in order to slow down how somebody drives.”

Janice Lukes and Sherri Rollins were the city councillors on the panel.

Lukes said she supports reducing speed limits in residential areas. She notes a city report on reductions and traffic-calming measures is expected to be made available this month.

“I don’t know if the city is going to end up going in that direction, I’m kind of hoping they do,” Lukes said.