Campaign underway to encourage people to get the flu shot

With COVID-19 restrictions easing and businesses reopening, pharmacists are warning of the potential for a tougher than usual flu season.

Canadian pharmacy Pharmasave is launching an education campaign to encourage people to get a flu shot.

Health officials said flu shots will be available next month. Jordan Jack, a Pharmasave owner in Sault Ste. Marie, said the aim is to keep people from getting the flu and ending up in hospital as doctors continue to grapple with COVID-19.

"We just don't want to be facing two different viruses at the same time," said Jack. "Influenza, which we know comes around every year, and COVID is still with us, so we're hoping to avoid overloading the emergency rooms and having too many people sick at the same time."

Jack said it's possible to get both the flu shot and COVID vaccine at the same time. However, he warns that side-effects may be worse because of the strain that would place on a person's immune system.