Edmontonians are asking what rules they have to follow after the City of St. Albert announced it would be allowing outdoor gatherings with portable fire pits in driveways.

Backyard fire pits are a convenient way to get outside while indoor gatherings remain banned, but there are some restrictions in place to ensure it’s safe and legal under Edmonton's Community Standards Bylaw.

Fire pit rules

According to the City of Edmonton’s website, if you live within city limits, a fire pit must be at least three metres from buildings or property lines.

The fire pit has to be two feet high and three feet wide; have enclosed sides made from bricks, concrete or heavy gauge metal; and have a mesh screen on top to prevent sparks.

Fuels for the fire

Only dry wood that hasn’t been treated and charcoal can be used in a fire pit. As for a fireplace, residents can use preservative-free wood or wood products.

Don’t disturb your neighbours

Planning a fire? Make sure it’s small and burns clean, dry fuels. The city prohibits burning of yard waste, garbage, paper or anything that could create too much smoke.

Lastly, before starting a fire check for fire bans in your area.

For more information on limitations, head to the city’s website.