The strike notice issued by unionized Canada Line workers expired on Monday as the two sides in the dispute remained at the bargaining table.

On Monday afternoon, the president of the B.C. Government and Services Employees' Union said members would not be walking off the job while negotiations continue.

"They've been in marathon talks," said Stephanie Smith. "As long as they're at the table together, then there's definitely room for optimism. Our goal from the outset is to get a negotiated agreement, and that’s where our energy is fully focused."

Sunday's negotiations continued until 2:30 a.m., and both sides were tight-lipped after talks resumed on Monday.

The strike notice issued on Friday evening followed months of fruitless negotiations and days of mediation that brought "no significant progress" on workers' key issues, according to the union.

Canada Line workers are demanding wage parity with SkyTrain workers, improved sick leave benefits and longer contracts.

Protrans BC, which operates the Canada Line, issued a statement last week saying it "remains committed to bargaining towards a fair agreement for both parties."