Canadian influencer uses platform and lawn to raise awareness of Kamloops residential school victims

A southwestern Ontario woman with millions of followers on social media is using her platform and her lawn to honour and bring awareness to the 215 Kamloops residential school victims.

Normally known for her unique brand of humour and eye rolling puns Celina Myers has taken her influencer status to draw attention to a topic dominating the national conversation.

In a statement posted to her TikTok page she said that she has “learned so much that is truly Canada’s dirty little secret.”

Myers made 215 hearts and placed them all over her front yard in Woodstock Ont.

The display is certainly eye catching and causes many to slow down their cars and take a look.

People walking by often stop in front of her home to take a moment and look at the display.

“I did this because it was the only way I felt I could make a real impact and keep the conversation going,” she said.

“To see these 215 hears really puts it in perspective.”

Myers has a wide reach on social media with more than 18-million followers across various paltforms such as TikTok and Instagram.

Her hope is to reach the millions she has worked to entertain in order to spark a conversation.

Her video on TikTok has more than 6-million views as of Thursday morning.

You can watch the video here or head to @Celinaspookyboo on Instagram and TikTok. 

The home is on Springbank Avenue and anyone passing by is encouraged to leave messages on the hearts.