Canadian singing legend tackles some tough social issues in his new recording

A Canadian singer is set to release a new album that explores the socio-economic problems plaguing our society.

Murray McLauchlan is a celebrated artist and at the age of 73, is releasing a series of songs this week that tackles issues like racism, privilege and economic disparity head on.

"A lot of the stuff I’ve been writing about is coming to a head and it’s been boiling in me for quite a long time," said McLauchlan.

"The catalyst for me in writing about white privilege was the murder of George Floyd."

Floyd was the black man murdered in Minneapolis in May 2020 by a police officer.

White privilege

"I Live On a White Cloud is a song for George Floyd," McLauchlan said. "I’m appalled at the idea that any group of human beings can lump another group of human beings as inferior in some way."

The 11-time Juno Award winner said he chose to look at Floyd’s death from a different perspective.

"Old white guys like me can get up on my high horse and scream and yell and say it’s racism, it’s terrible, it’s wrong," he said. "Maybe it’s time to turn your eyeballs the other way and have a look at what’s in you."

McLauchlan also sings about billionaires and the economic disparity in the world.

The recording, called 'Hourglass,' contains 10 songs and is being released Friday.