Candidates in Newmarket-Aurora prepare for campaign's final stretch

With the federal election campaign now entering its final stages, the incumbent Liberal candidate in the riding of Newmarket-Aurora is hoping to keep his seat.

Tony Van Bynen was first elected in the 2019 election. The former mayor of Newmarket says there is more work to do.

“For us, it will be the transition to the new economy, the transition to a digital economy, transition into making sure that we pursue opportunities that will be better in the future like environmental initiatives and environmental businesses," says Van Bynen.

Van-Bynen is up against a full sleight of competitors. While the Green party has not been able to find candidates in every riding, Tim Flemming is hoping to win the party a seat in Newmarket-Aurora.

The financial planner first ran for the Green party in 2019 in the riding of Aurora-Oak Ridges – Richmond Hill. Along with racism, gender inequality and homelessness, he is hoping to tackle the growing problems surrounding the environment.

“Newmarket and North Aurora both have great transportation hubs, but we’re still unfortunately in the fossil fuel type environment, so I think there’s a great opportunity to convert across to hydro electricity," says Flemming.

A familiar face is hoping to turn the riding orange. Yvonne Kelly, who works for the York Region School Board, has run three times in Newmarket-Aurora.

“You grow a conviction even more once you’re out meeting people and I would have to say that even though talking to people at the door hasn’t been as possible as it was in previous elections, you can see the difference communities that are hurting," Kelly, who also has a background in social work, told CTV News.

Harold Kim is running for the Conservative party but declined CTV News' request for an interview.