Chris Wilson of Canmore holds up a jersey of the Stampeders, a Calgary men’s professional hockey team that existed decades before the Calgary Flames franchise known today. It’s part of his 40-jersey collection that includes Team Canada hockey sweaters and others from the Heritage Classic series.

A hockey superfan has made it his mission to collect as least one jersey from every professional men's hockey team associated with Calgary throughout the city’s history.

It's a goal he's managed to reach and now his collection hang from a hockey-stick-turned-clothing-rack in his Canmore bedroom.

"I'm obviously such a huge fan of just the history of hockey," said Chris Wilson.

He began collecting jerseys as a teen in 2007, which initially sparked a fascination with Flames gear.

"Then from there I thought, 'might as well get all the Calgary teams and do something really unique with it.'"

The oldest jerseys in his collection include the Calgary Tigers team from the1920s, and the Calgary Stampeders of the 1930s and 1940s.

(Chris Wilson)

When he was unable to find the very rare originals, Wilson ordered reproductions.

Most of the jerseys he was able to source online through consignment and resale.

"I'm a pretty competitive person by nature and I like the competitive nature of hockey and it really brings people together."

Wilson said he wears most of the jerseys in his collection as a conversation starter with two exceptions: one signed by Jerome Iginla and another signed by the 2015 Calgary Flames team, which is encased in a glass frame.

Without revealing the exact amount he has spent on the collection, Wilson said he spent a "a few thousand" on the jerseys, but that their value is much higher.