Drive through the community of Capreol and you're bound to find to comical character or two adorning the front-lawns of some homes and properties.

Capreol's Community Action Network held its first Winter Carnival in more than 30 years, since before amalgamation, this weekend and as part of the festivities they held a snow sculpture contest where the theme was the iconic Disney flick "Frozen."

"I just wanted to stir up the whole winter carnival feel again, we haven't had a winter carnival in over 30 years so I thought it would be kind of nice to incorporate the beaver into the atmosphere here," said Jen Smith, the chair of the Capreol Community Action Network. "We're trying to get the hype back up to get a winter carnival going again."

Smith admits the sculpture was hard to build, saying it took a lot of patience and water.

"It gets a lot of direct sunlight so it likes to melt quite often, I just finished touching it up with paint there and it did not survive all that great," she said.

Overall she said she's been impressed by the reaction of neighbours and how everyone has gotten onboard with the idea of celebrating the snow.

Darryld Durand and his wife were in Bracebridge and returned home to find their neighbours had volunteered his property for their sculpture of Frozen's Sven and Olaf.

"We came home and we seen a sculpture down the road and my wife was half asleep and when we came in here, the first thing she says was 'what the heck, the neighbours have been loose again' and that's what we have in our front yard," he laughed. "I love it, it's very nice and nice of them to do it."

Fred Lowes, his wife and his granddaughter Summer built an orange dragon in their front yard.

"She spent the one evening almost till midnight painting and finishing it but like I said, it was just nice to get out on the weekend and do something with the grandkids," he told CTV News.

"It's geared to kids and it's great," said Lina Mauro. She and her husband Mario are Citizens on Patrol and were this year's honourary judges. "We thought it was a great idea, a lot of worked involved.

The winner will be announced at the festival's closing ceremonies on Sunday.