A Langford woman is hoping that the local community and the power of social media can help identify a man who allegedly stole her late father's toolbox from her property earlier this week.

Lisa Mallette took to social media Wednesday asking if anyone recognized a man captured on a security camera grabbing the hefty toolbox from her driveway. 

The video shows the man approach the driveway at approximately 10:30 a.m. on Jan. 29, pick up the toolbox, then trip over it while heading back to his vehicle. He is then seen dragging the toolbox across the ground.

After allegedly swiping the tool box, the man places the item into a blue car and drives away.

"The male felt entitled enough to come into my driveway, and take something that does not belong to him," said Mallette in a Facebook post Wednesday.

"The best part I keep laughing at is when he almost goes [a--]-over-tea-kettle because of how heavy it is," she said on Facebook Thursday. "All I can do, for now, is watch and laugh [about] that one part over and over. That tool box was my late dad's."

CTV News has reached out to the West Shore RCMP and to Mallette for further details, and will provide updates when available.