'Celebration is inappropriate': Manitoba Museum joins those choosing not to celebrate Canada Day

The Manitoba Museum (source: CTV News Winnipeg)

The Manitoba Museum is among those that will not be celebrating Canada Day this year in the wake of more unmarked graves discovered at former residential school sites.

Dorota Blumczynska, the CEO of the museum said in past years it may have highlighted interesting facts of pieces in its collection. But this year, in light of the discoveries at residential schools, the museum has issued a letter speaking to Canada's "difficult and complex" past and present.

"This is a very small gesture in this moment in time to acknowledge that celebration is inappropriate," Blumczynska told CTV News.

This comes as 182 unmarked graves were discovered near a former residential school outside Cranbrook, B.C.

This is in addition to the remains of 216 children found buried at the site of a former residential school in Kamloops, and the discovery of 751 unmarked graves found near a former residential school in Saskatchewan weeks later.

Blumczynska said with these discoveries, silence is not an option.

"It's understanding that we may not be directly at fault, but we have a tremendous responsibility and action needs to lead to full systemic change," she said.

Blumczynska said the best way to mark Canada Day this year is to learn and reflect, instead of celebrating what she called a grossly inaccurate and incomplete story of Canada.