Century-old Irricana Hotel up for sale for under 100K

For over 100 years, the Irricana Hotel was a place for generations to gather, share stories and have a good time. Now those good times are up for sale with the property listed at the bargain basement price of $89,900.

Built in 1910, the Irricana Hotel greeted visitors who arrived by train or by horse. The main floor housed a bar and restaurant while the upper floor accommodated guest rooms.

Steve Sklenka is listing the property. He says the old hotel has fallen on bad times with broken windows, the foundation sagging and the building having become home to many feral cats.

"There's a buyer for every property I've found out over the years," said Sklenka. "It doesn't matter what the property is there's a buyer for every property and there's a buyer for this hotel as well."

Sklenka said the owner, who's had the property for 24 years, has defaulted on payments so now he has no financial control and any offers have to go through the court system.

"I'm told that it could certainly, probably be classified as a heritage site," said Sklenka. "If that is the case one could apply for a heritage grant and get it fixed up."

Sklenka has sold property in southern Alberta for 25 years. He hasn't been allowed inside to view it and that doesn't happen often.

"Yah, not very many that's for sure but it's kind of fun," said Sklenka. "It's different, I like challenges, and so for me it's pretty exciting."


Anna Redner owns the hair salon across Main Street from the hotel and has heard a few stories about it.

"People would come on their horses and the basement was apparently a stable is what I was told," said Redner. "I hear lots of stories, I mean as the hairdresser in town I hear all of it, so it is interesting."

Caitlin Rigg is a student who grew up in Irricana and now has a summer job with the town. She remembers when it opened one year for people to see all the old paintings and furniture inside.

"People would like to see it rebuilt, maybe remodelled or something," said Rigg. "It's a cool piece of Irricana, it's been here a long time."

Deputy mayor Kim Schmaltz grew up a few kilometres away in Beiseker and says the Irricana Hotel was the hottest spot to go on a Saturday night.

"Everybody knew everybody else and it kind of brought the community and everybody together," said Schmaltz. "We enjoyed the good times together, not only me but my mother and father and my uncle and aunts and grandma and grandpa even."

Schmaltz isn't sure what a new owner would turn the old hotel into.

"And that's kind of sad because it's part of Irricana, its part of history," said Schmaltz. "I know everything changes and times move on but it's going to be a sad part of Irricana that's gone."

Learn more about the listing here: https://www.realtor.ca/real-estate/23370081/210-2-street-irricana