Ceremony at Brandon City Hall shows support for Ukraine

For the next few days, the Ukrainian flag will be flying outside Brandon City Hall.

A flag-raising ceremony was held outside City Hall on Sunday as a gesture of support to the Ukrainian population of Brandon, as well as those currently in Ukraine living through Russia’s invasion.

“In this occasion, we are seeing a worldwide outpouring of love and support for Ukraine,” Mayor Rick Chrest said as he spoke in front of the crowd of people that gathered, holding signs and waving Ukrainian flags. “What it ought to tell all of us is that we will never be defined by a tyrant, we’ll never be defined by an atrocity. The human spirit will rise up, the opportunity to come together and support one another will always overcome.”

The invasion of Ukraine began in February, drawing condemnation of Russia’s actions and cries of support throughout the global community.

“It has shocked us out of our complacency. It has reminded us that freedom, justice, democracy, the rule of law, are essential,” said Dr. Kofi Campbell, provost and vice-president of academics at Brandon University, one of the guest speakers at the event. “We stand for democracy, not tyranny. We stand for the rule of law, not the rule of force.

The flag will be raised outside city hall for four days and four nights.