Changing leaves represent colour of money for Muskoka businesses

The fall colour season is big business in Muskoka. Changing leaves pull people from all over the world to local shops and attractions.

Daily sailings on the Wenonah 2 at the Muskoka Wharf have been hard to get.

Wendy Nicholson with Bracebridge's Annex Arts Collective welcomes the wave of visitors.

"The fall colours bring lots of people to Muskoka," Nicholson says. "It's great to open our doors. Certainly, we notice an increase when we see people come to see the fall colours".

Visitors to the region Sunday were in awe of the display put on by Mother Nature.

"It's the mix of colours together. One alone would be boring, but it's the collage of colours; It's beautiful," said Ralph Schneider of Saskatchewan.

"Different colours mixed with the greens of the evergreens, we love that," said a visitor from Kitchener.

Business owners say the next few weekends will be crucial money-earning opportunities for them. They only hope the weather cooperates.

with files from Siobhan Morris