Charge laid following Highway 24 truck stunt: OPP

A person is seen riding the back of a truck as it travelled down Highway 24 in Norfolk County, Ont. (Source: OPP West Region)

An individual has been charged in relation to a viral video of a man riding the bumper of a moving truck.

In a tweet Tuesday, OPP West Region said that a 30-year-old individual has been charged with an offence under the Highway Traffic Act.

Police have not provided any other details at this time, but thank the public for their help.

“Thank you to everyone that provided information surrounding this investigation. Take care and stay safe,” OPP wrote on Twitter.

On Sunday, OPP shared bizarre video involving a truck and a stowaway passenger which has since gone viral.

Police said that a person rode on the back of a truck that was travelling down Highway 24 in Norfolk County, Ont. at night over the weekend. Unbeknownst to the truck driver, the person was seen standing on the vehicle’s bumper and clutching the side of the truck.

While reaction from the public to the viral video has been humourous, police meanwhile were not laughing, and cautioned against the dangerous behaviour.

"If that truck would have hit a bump, that person may have been thrown from that vehicle could have land in the opposite lanes of traffic or directly in front of a truck or car following," acting police sergeant Ed Sanchuk told CTV News on Monday.

What also disturbed police was the fact that no one called in the alarming behaviour at the time of the incident.

“We never got a call from any concerned members of the public. What I got on Saturday was a call from a concerned member of the public [who] saw this video [and] sent me a little bit of a clip of this video that I shared on social media," said Sanchuk.

Under the Highway Traffic Act, this type of stunt can result in a $110 ticket.

— With files from CTV News London's Marek Sutherland 

No, YOU are NOT seeing things! A person made a decision to ride on the back on this truck on #Hwy24 unbeknownst to the driver. This is a very dangerous act that could of had life-altering or ending consequences. #OPP continuing to investigate. @NorfolkCountyCA #NorfolkOPP ^es

— OPP West Region (@OPP_WR) May 8, 2022