Charity gifts modified toy cars to children living with limited mobility

Six Edmonton children were gifted with restructured toy cars by Go Baby Go, a local program aimed at removing barriers for children.

The program is one of six facilitated by Variety Alberta. Go Baby Go works with corporations and sponsors to adapt the then-gifted toy cars.

Kari Richardson, director of partnerships and marketing at Variety, said the miniature cars are customized to make each child more independently mobile.

Modifications can include replacing the gas pedal position, incorporating touch button technology, or adjusting steering wheels.

“Wherever the child has the best ability to move that car as independently as they can now and into the future,” says Richardson.

Richardson says the car is at first adapted to fit the child’s current needs but can also be adjusted in the future as the child works with a physiotherapist.

Parent Chenxin Jin’s two-year-old daughter lives with cerebral palsy. She was gifted a modified toy car on Wednesday. Jin says the program helps her daughter when it comes to being included in playtime with other kids.

“I always wish she could get into a toy car, just ride along the road with her twin sister and get to play with other kids, she’s just like any other kid she just needs some more help,” said Jin.

Over the past four years, Richardson says Go Baby Go has gifted almost one hundred vehicles to children across Alberta.

Richardson says the program has changed lives for many children and their families.

“A lot of these kids have never been in a vehicle like this or really not even moved independently ever,” said Richardson. “So when we see the parents crying, the children crying, it does warm our heart because it is really an impactful program. And it’s growing, and there’s a huge need for it.”

With files from CTV News Edmonton Darcy Seaton