Chatham-Kent police are warning residents after a woman was allegedly scammed out of $5,000 from a man claiming to be from a local bank.

The woman reported the incident to police on Friday.

Through investigation, police say they learned that the woman was called by a man purporting to be from a local bank. The man claimed that there were charges on her account in the United States, relating to a family member. The man said that he needed her banking information to investigate the charges.

Even though the woman did not have a son by the name that the man provided, the woman complied with the man’s request to assist with the investigation.

Police say the woman bought $5,000 worth of gift cards and provided the information to the man. The woman eventually called her bank who confirmed that she had been scammed, as there were no mysterious charges on her account.

The Chatham-Kent Police would like to remind citizens the purchase of gift cards is a common scam technique. Scammers are very clever and crafty, so please be very cautious of anyone asking for gift cards, money or Bitcoin. Gift cards are for gifts, not payments.