Despite more than $4 million dollars in taxpayer funded renovations, historic O’Brien house is no longer operating as a hotel, with the National Capital Commission scrambling to find a new tenant.

Just last year the restored, historic home in Gatineau Park opened to great fanfare. The hotel promised gourmet meals and pricey rooms overlooking historic Meech Lake. It was celebrated as a new hotspot in the capital region.

But now the National Capital Commission is looking for a new company to operate the hotel.

The NCC says the owners of the Wakefield Inn and Spa, who had been operating O'brien House, are still paying rent.

Any events booked before October 31st will still go ahead. The NCC would not say how many events have been booked.

The NCC wants $150,000 per year, plus 8% of revenues over $1 million dollars, according to a brochure the agency tweeted out.

New tenant wanted to operate the O’Brien House.
This boutique-hotel was renovated in 2018 and is located along a cliff-side over-looking Meech Lake.
•11 rooms and suites
•Fine-dining restaurant
•Event space
•15 minutes to downtown Ottawa
Info: https://t.co/2PXZGkuUzG pic.twitter.com/vP13ULkdlT

— National Capital Commission (@NCC_CCN) September 30, 2019   The NCC says there are "signs of interest" from the hospitality sector already.  It’s not clear what went wrong, but the hotel stopped taking guests in mid-May and tried to focus on weddings and “corporate retreats”.