Chickens at Guelph Humane Society looking for their forever homes

Larry, Curly, and Moe are three chickens at the Guelph Humane Society currently up for adoption.

The trio of roosters were surrendered to the society by their family three months ago.

However, residents are only allowed up to 10 hens within the city and are unable to have roosters, according to Guelph bylaw.

“We are taking care of them until we can find them a new home outside of the city limits where they can be happier and have more space,” said Alana Shular, animal care coordinator for the humane society.

Shular adds that each of the three roosters have their own unique personalities.

“Larry is quite outgoing, he really responses well to treats and is very curious about people,” she said. “Curly and Moe are so adorable together. They’re like a little old married couple. I affectionately call them that because they’re always hanging out together.”

Schular says there are lots of misconceptions about roosters being angry and aggressive, and that they’re actually quite friendly and can be easily trained.

Ayr residents Gale Gear and George Kitchen echo this sentiment, as they adopted their rooster Elvis from the humane society in January.

“He’s very friendly,” said Gear. “He’ll come over and eat from my fingers if I’ve got something.”

Those looking to add a rooster to the family are advised to do their research beforehand as well.

“These guys will require a very strict diet, so make sure that it’s well balanced so that they’re getting all their nutrition,” said Shular. “They also need supplementation from different types of fruits and vegetables or mealworms, and make sure they have a big enough pen and outdoor space.”

While the three roosters don’t need to be adopted together, the Guelph Humane Society is hoping they can keep the crew intact and find them their forever home.