Firefighters at the scene of chimney fire at a home on Old Fort Road in Tay Twp., Ont. on Sunday, January 31, 2021 (Chris Garry/CTV News)

Tay Township's new fire chief is highlighting the importance of annual cleanings after a chimney fire.

Crews were called to a home on Old Fort Road Sunday morning after smoke detectors in the house went off. From the outside, everything looked fine. But after cutting through floorboards and drywall, they found fire inside the chimney.

Firefighters contained the flames and ran a chain down the chimney to break up blockages.

No one was hurt.

Fire Chief Shawn Aymer says the fire originated in a wood stove.

"They had it cleaned last year, but it's good every time the season have somebody that's WETT-certified in to clean the wood appliance out and the chimney."

Aymer explains you can do the job on your own, but it's so messy that you might want to leave it to professionals.