Cultural Industries Ontario North (CION) is hosting its online event, The Lounge series, with a winter showcase that is guaranteed to impress the music lover in everyone.

They'll be highlighting past NOMFA (Northern Ontario Music and Film Award) winners with English and French performances as well as panel discussions.

"This is something that we've been planning for a little while, we have support from Factor to do a larger showcase than we have in the past in The Lounge," said CION Associate Managing Director Patrick O'Hearn.

"Here we're looking back at 2019 NOMFA Award winners and nominees so this is Northern Ontario's cream of the crop."

While you might not have been able to see your favourite singer or artist perform, O'Hearn says they've been busy, using the pandemic to create new material. It's platforms like this that are giving them the opportunity to share it with fans.

"We're building off the next year and being able to open up spaces again so it's a great way to Segway into that and keep that connection going," he said.

One of the performers that will be taking centre stage on February 11, 2021 is Timmins' own Céleste Lévis.

Lévis has had great success since her journey on the popular Quebec TV version of "The Voice.”

She's since been touring Canada with her performances in both English and French.

"Having the chance just to share our music because of course online we can do it a lot of different, many ways but when you have other platforms that are helping us to reach a wider audience it helps a lot and knowing that there are still people, rooting, to help out local artists," she said.

She, like many performers, has been busy working on material and is choosing to use the time to look ahead.

Lévis is looking forward to the time they will be able to perform for fans in person again.

"When you go see a show, it's not only the artist you're going to support but there's technicians there's the people that own the venue and organize it all. There's so many people behind it so it just gives everyone a chance to continue doing what they love to do," she said.

Other performers taking the virtual stage that weekend include Sudbury's Oli Palkovits, G.R. Gritt, and Sault Ste. Marie's Kalle Mattson.

"We wanted to make sure that people were engaging with events and venues, that they had access to some of the greatest artists we have access to in Northern Ontario that haven't been able to perform and the response has been amazing," said O'Hearn.

O'Hearn says it takes place on both the music and film side and they've had some great discussions with filmmakers that have worked in the region.

"It's really an effort to keep that momentum going as we look to reopen in the very near future," he said.

The showcase takes place on February 11 and 12. For more information or to get your free ticket to the panel, visit the CION website.