City to add railing to Ada Boulevard bridge after Edmontonians voice safety concerns

The City of Edmonton is adding a temporary guardrail to an east end commuter bridge after safety concerns were brought up by residents.

The bridge at Ada Boulevard over Wayne Gretzky Drive was closed over the summer to be refurbished. The city added new asphalt, deck joints, bridge railing, a wider shared-use bike path and a fresh coat of paint to the bridge.

After the bridge reopened the first weekend of October some Edmontonians questioned the height of the barrier on the south side of the bridge.

Wednesday the city said they were going to install a temporary railing that will stay in place until a permanent railing is finished being fabricated.

Ada Boulevard Bridge update: thank you to the residents who have shared their concerns over the new design - your safety is important. A temporary railing is being installed, while a permanent railing for the south traffic lane is being fabricated. 1/2

— City of Edmonton (@CityofEdmonton) October 20, 2021

City officials are encouraging cyclists to use the shared-use path until the new permanent railing is installed.

Pedestrians are only to use the shared-use path, said the city.