City advises everyone to stay off Bow River this weekend


The City of Calgary advised against boating and all other watercraft activities on the Bow River Friday due to higher than usual flow rates.

The high flows are due to snowmelt and thunderstorms forecast for the weekend, and while the city said it doesn’t expect riverbanks to be flooded, high flow rates create increased water turbidity, making unexpected hazards harder to see.

The Calgary Fire Department’s Aquatics Team will be monitoring the river over the weekend, but the city advises that everyone stay off the river until conditions return to safer levels, so that the advisory can be lifted.

The City also recommended the following for anyone living around river banks:

●   Exercise caution, as high-flowing water can cause erosion and destabilization;

●   Warn children about the dangers of fast-flowing water;

●   Cyclists and pedestrians should be on the lookout for low-lying parts of river paths that could be submerged;

●   Keep pets away from fast-flowing water; and

●   Remove lawn furniture or other portable items from river banks.