City asks residents to adopt a storm drain, and give it a name

The city is encouraging residents to adopt a drain. (Gareth Dillistone/CTV Regina)

If you’re looking for something fun to do outside this spring, why not adopt a local storm drain?

The City of Regina has launched a program to encourage residents to adopt one of 22,000 storm drains in the city.

The drains take rainwater off the streets, and dump it directly into Wascana Creek and Lake. Keeping the drains free from garbage and debris means a cleaner Wascana, which is better for fish and wildlife.

You can now adopt & name storms drains across #yqr! This is a great way to give back to the community by helping to protect properties from street flooding and keep debris from flowing into Wascana Creek. Find out how at

— City of Regina (@CityofRegina) May 3, 2021

According to Kurtis Doney, the city director of water and waste, open catch basins also help the storm sewer system function as intended and environment.

“Storm drains are there to ensure streets reman free from flooding and protect property. So when a storm drain becomes plugged, it can very quickly flood a street and surrounding property during a major rain storm event,” said Doney.

If you adopt a storm drain and give it a “grate” name before the end of May, you’ll be eligible to win a prize from the city.