The City of Winnipeg’s City Centre Community Committee unanimously approved an appeal for an affordable housing project in West Broadway.

The project, which would be located at 198 Sherbrook St., would include a five-storey, 28-unit, mixed-use building. It would see six units offered at 30 per cent below market rent, with the rest of the building offered at 10 per cent below market rent.

“All of it is affordable at some level,” said Coun. Sherri Rollins, who represents the ward of Fort-Rouge East Fort Garry, and sits on the committee.

Community gardeners appealed the project, as this area has been a long-time site of a community garden project.

According to Rollins, Winnipeg Biz and the West Broadway Community Organization are supportive of the project.

She noted this project represents a moment where West Broadway is experiencing success in terms of its community planning and housing goals.

“There has been two decades of best-in-class community planning for the Broadway neighbourhood, and what neighbours had said is that they don’t need another study, what they need is affordable housing and resources,” she said.

Rollins said the neighbourhood is made up of many single-parent households, which underscores the need for affordable housing.

Rollins added the city is looking to secure funding for the project, and added the finished project will look beautiful for residents.

“In the case of 198 Sherbrook, affordable will also be beautiful. The design echoes the public space angles on the street, and on every balcony,” Rollins said.

“I'm grateful to the developer for being so sensitive to the neighbourhood. The building folds right into the fabric of Sherbrook, unobtrusively playing with what has always been there, even partnering with it to create a larger sidewalk and pedestrian space and finally, echoing that up and through almost every balcony.”