City gives green light for red light cameras


Red light cameras are coming to Windsor.

A total of 10 cameras will be installed at intersections throughout the city after locations were selected based on recorded collisions and the geometric configuration and ability of the cameras to be installed.

“We’ve heard all kinds of things that this is a cash grab. If we’re going to have people running red lights, then I’ll take that money every day,” says Ward 3 councillor Rino Bortolin.

The red light cameras are used to complement police efforts in preventing motorists from running a red light.

The registered licence plate holder of the vehicle will receive the ticket regardless of who is driving the vehicle.

Bortolin says the cameras should be installed by the end of the year

“At the end of the day if you’re running a red light you deserve to pay the fine and what we want to do is ensure that people are safe,” he adds

The red light cameras will be installed at the following intersections:

1. Wyandotte Street East at Goyeau Street

2. University Avenue West at Crawford Avenue

3. Erie Street East at Goyeau Street

4. Howard Avenue at E.C. Row Expressway eastbound off ramp

5. Huron Church Road at Tecumseh Road West

6. Eugenie Street East at McDougall Street

7. McHugh Street at Clover Avenue

8. Wyandotte Street at Ouellette Avenue

9. Ouellette Avenue at Giles Boulevard

10. Seminole Street at Central Avenue