City introduces temporary traffic measures for North Hill area

Temporary traffic calming measures will be added to the North Hill area (City of Calgary)

Temporary traffic calming measures are one of many improvements the city will introduce to the North Hill area, in an attempt to improve the walkability of the residential area.

Part of the city's Neighbourhood Streets Program, 1 St N.E., 2 St N.W., and 24 Ave N will see a number of temporary calming measures, in addition to improved street crossings and park improvements.

The temporary measures will be installed with the objective of reducing the volume and speed of vehicles travelling through the area.

To calm traffic, speed bumps and diagonal diverters will be put in place along the mentioned roads. Stop sign direction at certain intersections will change to ensure that vehicles travelling on the road will periodically stop.

Feedback will be collected throughout the experience to determine the effectiveness of the traffic measures.

The city hopes these measures will reduce the amount of traffic shortcutting through the residential area.

Pathway connections will also be added, as well as improving crosswalks that see a high volume of commuters.

This project was created through public engagement over the past six years, which saw a desire for reduced traffic volume, as well as providing safe and comfortable walking and cycling routes.

If the project is effective, the city expects to make the measures permanent in 2021.

Calgarians can provide feedback on the measures on the city's website.