WINNIPEG -- Personal trainers and their clients could soon face higher fees and restrictions at Winnipeg gyms.

The city wants to implement rules around private uses of public facilities like gyms.

Winnipeg City Hall’s community services committee passed a motion for the city to develop a policy that could include new fees, mandatory criminal record checks, and time restrictions around peak hours.

“The public has expressed concerns about equipment being monopolized by some of the private service providers,” said Jennifer Sarna, the city’s recreation services manager.

Sarna said currently people teaching private lessons at public pools must have a criminal record check, be certified, and pay extra fees. She said the city also controls which hours they can operate.

The new policy could formalize the aquatic rules and pull gyms into the fold.

City councillor Janice Lukes brought a motion forward calling for the policy.

“There is a shortage of recreation facilities in the City of Winnipeg right now for taxpayers,” said Lukes.

She said she also worries about the city’s risk with an accident happening in a gym involving a private personal trainer and their client.

“Who’s liable? Is it the taxpayers that have to foot the bill for the liability?” said Lukes.

The committee asked for a draft of the policy in six months.