City of Regina, police using rapid tests for unvaccinated employees


Both the Regina Police Service (RPS) and the City of Regina have enacted their own rapid test policies for unvaccinated staff.

Around 93 per cent of RPS employees are vaccinated against COVID-19.

Because of that rate, an RPS spokesperson said it conducts “very few” rapid tests weekly.

The tests used at RPS were acquired at the beginning of the pandemic to keep employees and the public safe. RPS said, once that supply is gone, it will look at how it moves forward with testing unvaccinated employees.

The city said, as of Oct. 21, 97 per cent of employees have been asked if they’d like to disclose their vaccination status. Of that number, 86 per cent disclosed they had been fully vaccinated.

The city will provide unvaccinated employees with COVID-19 testing until mid November. After that, city workers will be responsible for obtaining their own weekly tests at their own expense.