City of Saskatoon starts process to change name of John A. Macdonald Road

Change is coming as the City of Saskatoon begins the process of finding a new name for John A. Macdonald Road after city council unanimously voted to begin the process of renaming the street last month.

Over the next several months the City of Saskatoon expects to engage with Ingidenous leaders, survivors and Elders on a new name for the Confederation Park street name, the City said in a news release.

The City also plans to host public information sessions with property owners and residents on John A. Macdonald Road, and with the broader community to listen to any concerns and answer questions about the renaming process, the City said.

There is nothing residents need to do right now as the street name has not been changed, according to the City. City hall is looking at options to manage the potential costs associated with the address name change and will provide support where possible, the City said.

A John A. Macdonald engagement page has also been launched and the City said it will be providing updates in the renaming process online.

The intention of the name change is to recognize the ongoing harm in the community experienced by those who attended Indian Residential Schools, according to the City.