City of Windsor continues to invest in revitalizing neighbourhoods

Windsor city council approved a number of applications to its community improvement plan on Monday, totalling nearly $1 million.

Most of the projects are in the city’s core.

“There is no vacancy to speak of in the downtown,” says DWBIA chair Brian Yeomans, who is thrilled to see more projects popping up in downtown Windsor, with the help of the CIP.

“It’s accounted for about $135 million worth of development. It’s incredible.”

Two downtown buildings, The Canada building and Knights of Columbus building will receive $600,000 for property tax incentives and facade grants.

Both buildings are adding more than 120 housing units combined.

A must need for the core, according to Yeomans.

“International students that have been coming to Windsor for school whether it be the university or the college,” he says. “So there was a huge influx of students. Some of them have stayed.”

A third project downtown is also receiving a grant.

A new cocktail bar at Pelissier Street and Maiden Lane.

“We’ve had 15 businesses that have opened since the beginning of the pandemic. Which in the last 15 years you don’t hear 15 businesses opening in the downtown,” says Yeomans.

Ward 3 councillor Rino Bortolin says investments of this magnitude haven’t been seen in three decades.


“We’ve been going like this and you’re going to see a huge spike when they finally become available for rent,” he says.


Bortolin admits downtown isn’t where it needs to be, but with the help of the CIP, it’s getting closer.

“We’re on a path here that in our lifetime we’ve never seen this type of growth,” he says.


Finally, city council approved a fourth project for a CIP grant.

A new coffee roasting operation on Drouillard Road, in the heart of Ford City.

In total, council approved $700,000 of financial help through the CIP on Monday.