City to begin Elm Bark Beetle Control Program next week


The City of Winnipeg is planning to cut back on the spread of Dutch Elm Disease by targeting the beetles that are carrying the disease.

The city's Elm Bark Beetle Control Program is scheduled to begin on Monday, weather permitting.

"With below-normal precipitation occurring this year and the last few years, the City’s elm population is at a higher risk of succumbing to (Dutch Elm Disease) and control of the beetle will help to reduce the spread of the disease," the city said in a news release Friday.

The control program includes spraying a chemical product directly onto the lower portion of the tree trunk. The city said treatment will happen between 5 a.m. and 5 p.m. depending on the weather.

Winnipeg residents can receive daily phone or email notifications for elm bark beetle control activities, or can register online. The city said it would be releasing weekly public service announcements on Fridays showing which areas will be treated in the following week.

The city said the control program will begin in the following areas:

Insect Management Area 19

  • Maple Grove Park
  • Normand Park
  • River Park South
  • St. Vital Centre
  • Vista

Insect Management Area 20

  • St. Vital Perimeter South

Insect Management Area 21

  • La Barriere
  • Parc La Salle
  • Perrault
  • Richmond Lakes
  • St. Norbert
  • Trappistes
  • Turnbull Drive

Insect Management Area 31

  • Central River Heights
  • J.B. Mitchell
  • Mathers
  • Sir John Franklin
  • South River Heights