City workers rescue ducklings from storm drain in Delta

The City of Delta is praising members of its Engineering Operations Team after they rescued a family of ducklings from a storm drain.

At the start of a video shared on the city's social media accounts Friday, the baby ducks can be seen huddled at the bottom of the drain on the side of a highway.

The workers remove the cover from the drain and soon gather the ducklings into a bucket, carrying them to a nearby marsh at the edge of a farm.

The little ducks swim out into the water, as the workers call out after them: "Where's mom?"

The question gets its answer within seconds, as a mother duck swoops in and lands on the water near the ducklings, gathering them up and leading them away.

"Reunited, and it feels so good," one of the workers sings.

Ready to have your heart warmed? Check out this sweet video of our caring Engineering Operations team reuniting a group of ducklings with their mama. ��#FeelGoodFriday

— City of Delta (@CityofDeltaBC) July 9, 2021