Water fills the ground floor of Listowel Memorial Hospital on Monday, Oct 5, 2020.

The worst is over, but there’s still a lot of cleanup to be done to get Listowel Memorial Hospital back to 100 per cent operational.

Ninety per cent of the ground floor of the hospital was underwater Monday morning, after a 10-inch water main under the hospital burst.

The water main break left as much as 12 inches of water in the worst hit parts of the hospital, with ankle deep water across most of the ground floor.

By mid-morning yesterday, staff and firefighters had removed most of the standing water, but there’s extensive damage left behind.

Stressing the structural integrity of the building is fine, Hospital CEO Karl Ellis, says the recovery and restoration from the early morning flood will take “weeks” to cleanup and repair.

Most of the damage is to floors and walls, but all electronics and equipment are being tested to ensure they have not been damaged.

In the meantime, Listowel’s ER is open, but only for the most urgent care.

Officials are urging potential patients to seek care elsewhere, if at all possible.

Operation room procedures will continue as scheduled, but the ER is temporarily being moved to the Ambulatory Care part of the hospital, so restoration can be done in the ER.

Two of four elevators in the hospital are still not running. Visitors are encouraged to come at a later date.

Meanwhile COVID-19 testing has been moved to the basement of the Outpatient building.

Ellis says despite it all, “there was an outstanding display of teamwork and resilience by hospital staff. An exceptional group of people worked very hard to continue providing safe care in very diverse conditions.”