Closing of Basinview Centre a big blow to Annapolis Valley community

People who live in and near Cornwallis in the Annapolis Valley are dealing with what they call a significant blow.

Many say the facility is the heart of the community and was a convenient stop for those needing everyday items.

"Where we get our food, where we meet our friends, where we might come for a coffee, get a piece of pizza, get a haircut," said Charlene Walker.

The building also housed the Fundy YMCA which operated a pool and fitness centre.

"A social connection, it's a place of health and well-being, it's a place, it's a place where families can come together and spend quality time," said Aimee Daigle, the manager of the Fundy YMCA.

But, a little more than a month ago, tenants of the Basinview Centre in Cornwallis were given 30-day notices to vacate the building.

"I really worry this could be a death blow to the community," said Nadine Millet.

Millet recently moved back to the community, the facilities within the Basinview Centre were a big attraction.

"These other businesses started building around it and we had the mailboxes inside, people are moving and retiring, families were moving in," said Millet.

Zane Lynch has lived in the community most of his life. He says public officials closed the facility for safety reasons.

"It is an insurance issue," Lynch said. "There were 37 insurance agencies contacted by the county to try to secure insurance. Because they were structural report came back that were in their words 'damning.'"

That's left the future of heart of the community on life support.

Residents have been writing the warden and councillors in an attempt to convince them to find a way to keep the amenities in the community that were at one time under one roof here at the Basinview Centre.