A clothing donation bin is seen in Vancouver.

VANCOUVER - After clothing donation bins were removed across the city because of safety concerns, they'll be returning to Vancouver under new criteria.

Last December, a 34-year-old man died after becoming trapped in a clothing donation bin in West Vancouver. After the incident, donation bins across the Lower Mainland almost completely disappeared as municipalities worked to address related safety concerns. 

In May, Vancouver city staff suggested requiring donation bin operators to obtain a business licence and in October, the city announced the recommendation had been approved. 

The licence conditions run from an annual $151 fee, to having an engineer confirm the bin is designed to stop unauthorized entry and will allow a person to exit without being harmed to having general liability insurance for up to $2 million.

Bin operators are also responsible for completing regular maintenance and servicing on the bins and keeping the area around them tidy. 

A new program will soon identify locations on city-owned land that are suitable for donation bin placement.