Cloudier and a chance of a few showers in or near the Edmonton area today.  

Temperatures will climb into double digits.  

But...without much more than sunny "breaks" AND with breezy conditions...it'll FEEL a little chilly today.

Precipitation will be a little more organized across northern Alberta today and Saturday thanks to a surface low over that region.

We're also under the influence of an Upper Trough (pool of cool air aloft) for the next two days.

But, that trough moves out and is replaced with a short-lived Upper Ridge (bubble of warm air aloft) Sunday/Monday.

Skies will clear and temperatures jump into the mid to upper teens.

HOWEVER, the key adjective is "short-lived".  That ridge crashes and colder air comes pounding back in for Tue/Wed.

AND...that clash in airmasses often produces snow at this time of year.

We're expecting some showers to turn to wet flurries Monday night/Tuesday morning in the Edmonton region.

Western and southern Alberta have the best chance at getting some heavier, accumulating snow.

SO - enjoy the weekend and then prep for some cooler weather for at least a couple days next week.


Here's the forecast for Edmonton:    

  • Today - Cloudy with a few sunny breaks.  30% chance of a shower.
  • Breezy - WNW 20 gusting to 40 midday and this afternoon.
  • High:  12
  • Evening - Mostly cloudy.  Wind easing.
  • 9pm:  7
  • Saturday - Cloudy in the morning.  Clearing in the afternoon.
  • Breezy - WNW 20 gusting to 40 midday and in the afternoon.
  • Morning Low:  4  
  • Afternoon High:  13
  • Sunday - Mainly sunny.
  • Morning Low:  3
  • Afternoon High:  16
  • Monday - Partly cloudy.  40% chance of showers in the evening.
  • Morning Low:  4
  • Afternoon High:  18
  • 30% chance of wet flurries overnight.
  • Tuesday - Mostly cloudy. 30% chance of flurries in the morning.
  • Morning Low:  2
  • Afternoon High:  4   
  • Wednesday - Partly cloudy.
  • Morning Low:  -5
  • Afternoon High:  5