Cold front day in Calgary! Wind from the north gives way to wind from the west


There is a chance that by the time you read this, the worst of the wind has passed Calgary by. A heavy cold front derived from a low pressure system running along the 60th Parallel drops in today. Gusts out of the north are slated to power in at 60 km/h as this cold front passes. Additive to this, a hefty uplift may trigger showers, with a slighter potential for thundershowers associated with this frontal passage.

On the other side of the front, cooler air will persist… for a while. It'll be pulling west wind off the foothills, and will generate additional gusts in the 40 km/h range. These will inject warm air into the area, bringing us within a reasonable distance from seasonal. Considering we'll likely spend the majority of our day in the single digits, we'll take what we can. If the wind gusts out of the west fail to materialize,

The jet stays drooped tomorrow, with the upper trough lingering through our Thursday. Tonight and tomorrow evening, we may see frost advisories perk up in parts of the province, as the clearer overnights may yield Calgary lows within spitting distance of freezing.

Beyond, a high pressure system will re-emerge ahead of the weekend, offering near-seasonal warmth for a couple of days before moving on. The wave-ride continues thereafter, and brings cooler weather back Sunday. We're in something of an energy deficit this week, with our temperatures struggling to return to a 17.6 C seasonal value. Enjoy the sweater-weather while it's here – some of these overnight lows seem to herald something else!



  • AM cold front: scattered showers, weak risk of thundershowers, wind!
  • Daytime high: 15 C
  • Evening: clearing, low 3 C


  • Mainly sunny
  • Daytime high: 13 C
  • Evening: some cloud, low 2 C


  • Partly cloudy
  • Daytime high: 18 C
  • Evening: some cloud, low 7 C


  • Partly cloudy
  • Daytime high: 17 C
  • Evening: some cloud, low 5 C


  • Partly cloudy
  • Daytime high: 13 C
  • Evening: some cloud, low 4 C

We have some cool photos today!

Darren was at the Stewart Creek Golf Course in Canmore and caught these lenticular clouds yesterday! They're an indicator of turbulence aloft, aligning well with the low I've been chattering about this article.

Rick also snapped this one at McGregor Lake!

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