Community comes together for first Wingham Waste-Free Wednesday event

Pete Mulvey says he was getting tired of seeing mounting amounts of garbage and litter on his morning walks through Wingham, Ont.

“When you drive through town you don’t seem to see it as much, so it bothered me we saw all that litter, and very little seem to being done about it,” says Mulvey.

So, the Wingham resident organized the first-ever Wingham Waste-Free Wednesday event, bringing together about 35 residents to pick up as much as litter around town as they could in three hours.

“Citizens that are concerned about our community and they want it to look good, so we went out to the highways and byways and looked around, and we found a lot of garbage. Amazing how much is there. Doesn’t look like much just driving up the street, but when you start looking into the ditches and corners of town, there’s a lot of garbage,” says co-organizer, Doug Kuyvenhoven.

Mulvey and Kuyvenhoven plan on making this grassroots cleanup an annual, or even semi-annual event, to try and keep Wingham as litter-free as possible.

“We have this great trail system in town that draws people to Wingham. If they have to walk past litter on the street or along the trails, it’s not very attractive,” says Mulvey.

“We love this town. We love this community, and all the people. It’s wonderful building this community spirit. It’s really great to see so many people care about their community,” Kuyvenhoven adds.