KW Little Free Diverse Libraries has received a grant to help it continue stocking shelves with books written by authors of colour.

The project started last summer and raised more than $3,500, distributing more than 800 books to little libraries throughout the region.

The books are all meant to amplify the voices of Black, Indigenous and other people of colour.

"They've become very popular," Kitchener resident Brenda Reid said.

Reid picked up one of the books a few months ago.

"I've read some more from Indigenous authors and it's so important to broaden your perspective," she said.

Organizer Dinah Murdoch said the project helps spread empathy.

"More people need to have access to books that celebrate a variety of lives and lived experiences," she said.

A $5,500 Kitchener Community Grant will help build 10 little libraries in Ward 8 by the spring.

"It's a diverse ward, a culturally rich ward and there are some pockets of the ward that don't have many libraries or any," Murdoch said.

A local company plans to donate kits to build the libraries.

Alicia Bennet, who lives in the ward, has volunteered to put one up on her property.

"I think there is a lot we all still have to learn," she said.

Her kids are looking forward to stocking their library with books by racialized authors and promote anti-racism across the region.