Police are still sorting out the details of a shooting at a rented condo in Toronto that took the lives of two young Nova Scotia men.

The men were raised in East Preston, a community that's deeply anguished by the incident.

Rev. Kirby Spivey of New Beginnings Baptist Church in Cherry Book, N.S., runs a lunch program that has been popular for years, but he felt sadness Tuesday as he remembered two former participants: Jalen Colley and Josh Gibson-Skeir.

"Josh was very charismatic," Spivey said. "Very funny. He had a charm and a charisma about him."

Both died last Friday in an incident that shocked the country as gunfire erupted at a private party in a rented condo in downtown Toronto.

Three men were killed in the shooting and, while investigators admit it could be weeks before they figure out exactly what happened, evidence suggests a murder-suicide.

Police say Colley and Gibson-Skeir died of gunshot wounds to the throat and abdomen.

A third man, Tyronne Noseworthy, died of a gunshot wound to the head.

Noseworthy was a Toronto rapper who went by the name "44-double-oh."

A senior executive from Airbnb flew to Toronto on Wednesday, announcing in response to the killings that the company would limit young adults' ability to book some properties in Canada.

"This prohibition is going to apply to those folks under 25 who are renting an unhosted home," said Chris Lehane, Airbnb's senior VP of global policy and communications.

"I use Airbnb when I travel," Spivey said. "It's basically a trust system, right? But, in this case, it doesn't bring them back."

Family from Nova Scotia have now made the sad trip to Toronto to bring the men home.

Both had been celebrating back-to-back birthdays, but no one knew it would be their last.

Airbnb says the pilot project announced Wednesday will expand if it proves to be successful.

The company is also introducing a "24/7 neighbourhood support telephone hotline" in Canada to connect residents with "rapid response agents" who will deal with concerns.