Comox Valley road rage driver linked to bizarre egging incident at local business

RCMP in the Comox Valley continue to search for a vehicle allegedly involved in an Oct. 26 road rage incident in which a driver has been accused of taking a hatchet to another driver's side view mirror.

The incident occurred at the intersection of 17th Street and Cliffe Avenue around 10 a.m. and involved a commercial vehicle as well as a blue 2013 Honda Civic with Nova Scotia license plate GTC 968.

Police say the driver of the Civic is believed to have damaged the mirror of a carpet cleaning van. 

The description of the Civic and plate rang familiar to Campbell River sales consultant Cody Spetifore after what he saw back on Oct. 16. On that day, he chased after someone who had entered the Quinsam Communications store and lobbed several eggs around the store in a rage.

"It sounded like he was upset about 5G, like he thought Telus was spying on him or we're going through his devices and whatnot; it's not the case," Spetifore says.

Spetifore says someone captured video of the person leaving the store and driving away in a Civic.

After seeing on Facebook that police were looking for the vehicle, he was able to link the two bizarre events.

"We were in contact about the incident yesterday and the files are linked now," he says.

Spetifore and a co-worker were in the store when the man's tirade began, and Spetifore instinctively ducked when the eggs were thrown towards the sneeze guards hanging in the store's lobby.

Campbell River RCMP spokesperson Const. Maury Tyre says it appears the two situations are linked.

"At this point in time, we believe the individual is most likely the same individual obviously being linked to the vehicle," Tyre says.

He says the public is being asked to keep an eye out for the Civic.

"If they do see this vehicle and it's a blue Honda Civic, 2013, with a Nova Scotia license plate, (we ask) that they would contact the RCMP immediately and not to engage with the individual," he says.

Along with a comical "no eggs please" sign on the store's front door, Spetifore says extra precautions are being taken.

"Just for the meantime, (we’re) keeping a stronger eye on the door, we have the door locked as of today just for the next couple of days just to make sure everything dies down a bit,” he says.