Lyra Barchet and Davy.

Through an outpouring of support and generosity from the community, a young boy will be receiving a new prosthetic arm – free of cost—after his old one was stolen.

Last week, Lyra Barchet told CTV News Winnipeg that two-and-a-half-year-old Davy’s prosthetic arm was taken from her car in the Wolseley area.

She noted that Manitoba Health only pays for a new prosthetic every two years, so if Davy’s prosthetic arm wasn’t returned she could potentially have to buy a new one herself, with some help from the War Amps.

Another issue was the time it would take to get a new prosthetic arm because it could be developmental time that Davy needs.

“Kids when they’re young, they grow a lot, the longer he is without (the prosthetic arm), the less likely he is to take to it really well,” she said.

Barchet then turned to the public for help in locating the stolen item, and though it hasn’t been found, Davy will still be getting a new prosthetic.

On Sunday, Barchet announced that Anderson Orthopedics said it will make and cover the costs of a new prosthetic and silicon liner for Davy. She noted that Anderson Orthopedics already has Davy’s recent casts, so they will work on it as soon as possible.

Barchet added that someone started a GoFundMe for Davy, which raised over $7,000, and that a family friend raised almost $400. She said since the cost of the prosthetic is already covered, this money will either be donated to War Amps or used for Davy’s future devices.