'Completely unacceptable': Large rock thrown through window of LaGrange's constituency office

Adriana LaGrange said a large rock was thrown through the window of her constituency office. (Courtesy: @AdrianaLaGrange)

A large rock was thrown through the window of Adriana LaGrange’s constituency office in Red Deer Tuesday, according to the education minister.

LaGrange posted photos on Twitter showing the damage.

Earlier today a large rock was thrown through my constituency office window.

While I have always encouraged peaceful protest and debate on issues that matter to Albertans, violence and vandalism is completely unacceptable. #ableg pic.twitter.com/wRQRauvAER

— Adriana LaGrange (@AdrianaLaGrange) April 7, 2021

“There are constructive ways to give your feedback on the new draft K-6 Curriculum, and this is certainly not one of them,” Lagrange said in a tweet.

She added that no one was hurt in the incident.