Concert in a box brings a music experience right to your home (Jessica Smith / CTV News Kitchener)

Restrictions on large gatherings during the pandemic means checking out a concert in person is a no-go.

Good Company Production has designed a way to package the live music experience and bring it to your door.

“I’ve been a part of a few online shows during the summer but honestly nothing could compare to this one. It was so well done, just adding little touches of magic in my opinion in,” said Paige Warner, a musician who performed in the most recent online concert

The concert in a box shows up on the day of the show. You're asked to keep it closed until a half hour before, that's when everyone opens it together to find out who the artists are going to be, and the experience inside each box.

“The reason we do it that way, is that people go in with no expectations but also no bias. It means that we can expose them to emerging artists on the same stage as a more established musician,” said Amit Mehta, Owner and Operator of Good Company Production.

The concerts are then streamed live on their YouTube page, where you can interact with the artists and fellow virtual concert-goers

“The first concert in a box was really early in the lockdown, it was the first time I had performed anything in months. It was a really incredible experience and a great opportunity,” said Joel Becker, a musician who performed and helped host the first online concert.

You also get a few goodies in the box that are all locally sourced, with profits going directly back to the vendors.

“The box includes food, drinks, snacks, games, scents as well. Everything to make your space unique for that one night, so that it is a full immersive experience,” said Mehta.

Good Company Production relies on funding from local businesses to help compensate the artists and they offer sliding scale pricing for tickets to make them accessible and affordable.

For music lovers, it's a way to jam out in a safe way.

“Obviously I miss live music. It's definitely a cool alternative and it's just I feel like I’m blown away with the creativity and just how much thought they clearly put into every single aspect of, I really call it an experience. It’s an experience from beginning to end,” said Elaine Decleir, who purchased one of the boxes for the last online concert.

There are still a few boxes left, which are available on their website for the next show on Nov. 15.