Construction in Old St. Boniface is causing problems for residents. (Source: CTV News/Mike Arsenault.)

Construction projects are piling up in Old St. Boniface, and residents claim it's causing traffic jams and blocking pathways.

Des Meurons Street between Carriere Avenue and Morier Avenue has been under construction since August 20.

It's been converted into a one-way street while work is being done, and many sidewalks have been cut off.

Mike McLennan lives off Des Meurons on Guay Street. He said many of the residents in his area are using alternative routes to leave their block.

"A lot of people were using Youville [Street] as a go-around because Des Meurons was challenging [and] you couldn't head south on it. So now they've closed the east lane on Youville."

McLennan said there aren't any traffic control signs on Youville Street, and it's unclear which direction vehicles are supposed to go.

He said the lack of entry and exit points on his street is causing traffic jams, and it's compromising the community's safety.

"If there had been a fire or if one of my neighbours needed to call for an ambulance, there would have been some delays in terms of accessing that," said McLennan.

Paulette Chaput lives down the street from McLennan, she has mobility challenges and uses a walker to get around.

She said the construction on both sides of her street has left her stranded at home.

"I know we need it, but I mean not both sides at the same time. What are you supposed to do?"

Chaput said she'd like to see more ramps in place so people with mobility challenges can still get through.

The City of Winnipeg's Temporary Traffic Control Manual says while closures are in effect, the construction agency is responsible for providing safety and convenience for motorists, cyclists, and pedestrians.

Currently, the City of Winnipeg's public works road construction map doesn't have any work listed as being done on Youville Street.

In a statement to CTV News, a spokesperson for the Standing Policy Committee on Infrastructure, Renewal, and Public Works said:

"Our office has observed the situation on the ground and have placed an inquiry with city staff about whether these two projects with overlapping impact could have been staged apart better."

The City of Winnipeg said it communicates directly with impacted residents and businesses before undertaking a construction project.

It said residents with concerns regarding access during a construction project should contact 311.

McLennan believes the access issues could have been avoided altogether.

"Had there been more consideration to the timeline of each project, and maybe they weren't running concurrently, that wouldn't have resulted in so many problems."