Contamination blamed for death of more than 300 fish in Sidney creek

Reay Creek is shown: (CTV News)

The suspected contamination of a creek in Sidney has killed more than 300 fish, according to environmental groups.

Stream stewardship groups mobilized after 320 dead cutthroat trout along with a number of coho salmon were found dead in Reay Creek over the weekend.

The Sidney Anglers Association says the loss is catastrophic because as many as three-years worth of trout stock were wiped out.

The source of the contamination is thought to be a bleach-based liquid that entered the creek from a storm drain.

"The fish that are being killed in this creek cannot be replaced, they're genetically significant to Reay Creek," said Grant MacPherson, president of the Sidney Anglers Association.

"Those fish are significantly adapted to that watershed and that ecosystem, and the loss of these cutthroat trout in this ecosystem will be impactful for five years," he said.

While the loss is significant, the group says it hopes other fish will return to the creek.

The stewardship groups have reported the incident to the Department of Fisheries and Oceans along with B.C. Ministry of Environment.